Sushila Devi Mosese is an Extremely Successful Business Woman

Sushila Devi 3Mosese is an extremely successful business woman with a very impressive track record. Over the years she has been involved with different businesses and she has handled all of them with complete perfection. Her efficient management and hard work ensured that everything she put her hands in turned out to be a huge success. She believes that the reason for her success is complete sincerity and total dedication towards her work. These qualities have allowed her to overcome all difficulties and always come out of every tricky situation successfully with flying colors. Everyone who has ever worked with her or has had any kind of business connections with her has always appreciated these qualities. Many times people even come to her for advice for handling their own business problems. Being a good and helpful person she is always ready to help everyone who approaches her with any kind of problem.

One of the main reasons why Sushila Devi Mosese is very successful as a business woman is because she possesses exceptional leadership qualities. She is a person who knows the art of getting the best out of his team by motivating and encouraging them to the maximum. On the topic of leadership she believes that earning the trust is the first step and also the most important one. She believes that real trust can only be earned by actions and for that you have to keep your word. This means that one should never promise what one can’t deliver and what has been promised must be delivered at all costs.

The businesses that Sushila Devi Mosese has been involved with have all been related to fashion. Doreenz Boutique was a clothing shop that she opened in order to provide designer Indian wear to the people living in New Zealand. This shop became extremely popular not only among the people of Indian ethnicity living in New Zealand but among westerners as well. Big and Beautiful was another one of her clothing shops that aimed at providing stylish clothes to plus sized women. Just like Doreenz Boutique this clothing shop too was loved by people and became very successful.


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