Sushila Devi Mosese: The Opening of Doreenz

7Over the course of her lengthy and effective stint as a fashion entrepreneur she began out three different stores. All three of these stores were liked by individuals and they all did excellent business. The first style store began out by Sushila Devi Mosese was known as Doreenz Store. Being an Indian local residing in New Zealand she recognized the outfit needs of other Indians residing there. She could see that it was difficult to discover cultural Indian local outfits in New Zealand and so she thought of modifying this situation. Doreenz Store was opened in order to provide top quality and fashionable Indian wear in New Zealand. Being a skilled and professional fashion designer, she used all of her skills, creativeness, experience and knowledge in coming up with the most unique and attractive line of Indian local outfits. Along with the Indian local cultural inhabitants residing in New Zealand, this outfits range became highly sought after among the local New Zealand inhabitants as well. They found these outfits to different and unique and purchased them to try something new and attractive,


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